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8. FRS Syltfähre Musicnight – Cruise van Cleef auf See

Også i år, den 15. august 2019, vil FRS Syltfähre og Hamborgs Independent-Label "Grand Hotel van Cleef", med understøttelse af Kurverwaltung List auf Sylt, rocke Nordsøen igen. Et fantastisk line-up overtager "Sylt Express" og fortsætter traditionen af Cruise van Cleef på FRS Syltfærgen. Den 15. august 2019 fra kl. 15:30 tilbyder vi igen den specielle oplevelse af vores musikalske højdepunkter til søs. Vi starter med Theodor Shitstorm, efterfulgt af Band Ove for at modtage Thees Uhlmann & Bandmed bedste humør og fortsætte med at fejre.

Ingo Petramer Konzert Thees Uhlmann auf dem Wasser

Thees Uhlmann & Band

Thees Uhlmann, the blue-jeans, shirt and leather jacket wearing obsessed guy, usually boasting with hanging shoulders. The north German Hooligan of the Hearts, who rushed his band Tomte with a whip of unrestrained passion from club to club and from single to single over a decade, only to land the big finish with his Solo Album in 2011.

His last album reached secon place in the album charts. Now it is time for a new and a promising album.

Thees Uhlmann & Band are going to present you this album with devotion and celebrate the special atmosphere at this very special event "Music Night" on the FRS Syltferry. 


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Das Duo "Theodor Shitstorm".

Theodor Shitstorm

What in the world could be better than two different voices, harmonizing as well as competing. The room Theodor enters is spacies but empty, it is time fill it up with some music.

Theodor´s sytle is a mix of gitarre and electronics that bows itself towards all four corners of the earth: Schools of Hamburg, Berlin Indie, willful Hiphop, austrian party songs.

„Miss Klaeukens has  a voice that touches me again and again“, says Mister Brüggemann.

„Herr Brüggemann invents his own harmonies that you haven´t heard a thousand times“, says Miss Klaeukens.

That´s how self-praise works in a duo.

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Foto Simon Hegenberg - Gestaltung Insa Kuehlcke-Schmoldt Die Band "Ove".


Abbruzzo is a magical place. The coast meats the mountains in an area in Italy where a glass of vine can be enjoyed under the parasol. Unquestionable: This is a place made for recording a third album. An adventure, a great time, a real feeling. That´s the plan filled with anticipation. But it is not working out. Life comes in between. Abruzzo is cancelled.

There is no dissapointment, why should there be? Even if the new album was produced in the cooler north of Germany, its name is "Abruzzo" anyway. Or just because of it. The album sounds like this: warm, mediteranean and sparkling. The best idea of all is the power that drives you into motivation and fun about failing, representing the truth of this band, with which we sad down happily with a cup of wine at the Elbe river and played at gambling machines. Let´s turn this flop into a goodness and make the proceeding the success!

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