traditional biike brennen

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On 21st February, people in North Friesland, especially on the islands, celebrate an inofficial national holiday. The day before Petri Day, 22nd February, has always been an important date, as it meant the end of the winter period and the beginning of spring for sailors. Symbollically, big wood and brush wood piles were layered and sparked off as a fire on this day.

The origin of Biikebrennen is not clear. It is quite possible that clebrating this day leads back to Middle Ages, where fire was used to try to banish evil spirits and winter. Later on, fire became the means to farewell whalers on the islands.

Still today, islanders stick to this possibly oldest North Frisian tradition with a real enthousiasm. Not only islanders, but also beyond the North Frisian borders, people are attracted to participate in this spectacle and combine it with a vacation on Sylt.

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Syltferry traditional Biikebrennen on Sylt.