Denmark can still be used as a transit country - partly with new requirements


We will bring you reliably and safely from and to Sylt even in these times. We operate according to the current special timetable. Here you will find more information.


• Cargotraffic through Denmark to the FRS Syltferry is possible without restrictions and without a corona test.


For everyone else, transit through Denmark to the pier of the FRS Syltferry is still possible, but the following conditions apply since Wednesday, February 17th, 2021:

• Schleswig-Holstein residents need a negative corona quicktest that is no older than 72 hours to cross the Danish border.
• Travelers from other federal states and nations require a negative corona quicktest that is not older than 24 hours.


At our ferry terminal in List on Sylt, we offer Coronatest (rapid tests and PCR test). You can find more information here.

A rapid test with written documentation or a PCR test is required. The test result is sufficient in digital form and does not have to be printed. You can find an overview of the test stations here.



Further information can be found at the following link:


(16.04.2021, 02:13 pm)

Current prices 2021

Passengers and vehicles

Plan your journey to Sylt in an easy way and enjoy the trip on our comfortable FRS Syltferries from Havneby to Sylt. The spacious vehicle areas, with one car deck on the "SyltExpress" and two car decks on the "RömöExpress", provide enough space for motor vehicles, mobile homes, trucks, busses, and bicycles. Please find all exact fares in the table below. Alternatively, you can also download the file as PDF.

Note: If you have a vehicle that has been lowered or is lowered by default, please give the staff at our ticket counters an information before crossing. This is relevant for the parking instructions on board.

Cars up to 6.00 m incl. passengers

Valid from 1st until 31st December 2021 One way (in EUR) Round trip (in EUR)
One-Day-Return   77.00
Multiple-Day-Return 53.00 87.00
One-Day-Return Combi ferry/DB Sylt Shuttle   82,99
One-Day-Return Combi ferry/blauer AUTOZUG Sylt   83,00



Valid from 1st January until 31st December 2021 One way (in EUR) Round trip (in EUR)
Adult 9.60 13.90
Children (4-14 years) 6.10 9.10
Seniors (> 60 years) 7.00 10.40
Families (2 adults and 3 children) 21.50 34.90
Groups (> 25 persons) (on request) (on request)



Valid from 1st January until 31st December 2021 One way (in EUR) Round trip (in EUR)
up to a length of 4.00 m 34.90 52.30
length of 4,01-6,00 m 49.70 75.40
length of 6,01-8,00 m 80.60 123.00
beyond a length of 8.01 m 96.80 147.50


Bicycles and trikes incl. passengers

Valid from 1st January until 31st December 2021 One way (in EUR) Round trip (in EUR)
Motorcycles 30.40 52.50
Motorcycles with sidecar or trikes 39.10 60.40
Mopeds up to 50 ccm 15.10 22.80
Bicycles 10.90 17.50
Bicycle trailer and handcart 3.20 5.20



Valid until 31st December 2021 One way (in EUR) Round trip (in EUR)
transportation in a vehicle included in the ticket included in the ticket
transportation without vehicle 3.50 4.50


Busses (incl. passengers)

Busses with a length of 10.01 to 15.00 m
(other lengths on request)
One way (in EUR) Round trip (in EUR)
1.1.–31.3.2021 167.80 278.50
1.4.–30.9.2021 209.10 348.80
1.10.–31.12.2021 167.80 278.50


Your benefits

  • Savings on every crossing.
  • No long-term commitment.
  • In case you lose the Multiple Ticket, we're able to transfer the remaining balance to a new card.
Fares 2021
10 ferry crossings for adults 84.40 EUR
10 ferry crossings for children 57.00 EUR
10 ferry crossings for seniors 62.80 EUR
10 ferry crossings for vehicles 369.00 EUR
20 ferry crossings for vehicles 689.00 EUR


Save your parking spot

Make sure you book a vehicle parking space on board prior to your journey in order to avoid waiting times. Book your tickets online now or call us under +49 461 864–601.

All prices indicated in € (Euro) incl all taxes and charges. 

Mistakes and alterations are reserved.