9th FRS Syltferry Music-Night

WOLKENFREI - the comeback with Vanessa Mai

On August 6, 2023, after a 3 year break, the popular FRS Syltferry Music-Night will finally take place again! On the second of two evenings, WOLKENFREI expects you with her brand new album "Hotel Tropicana".

The FRS Syltferry Musicnight takes place for the ninth time this year and lets you enjoy two evenings of music in a row for the third time. WOLKENFREI is already the third big hit star, FRS Syltferry will welcome on the North Sea. The closeness to the artist creates a special and intimate atmosphere - something you would hardly find at any other concert. That is why the FRS Syltferry Music-Night has long ceased to be an insider tip.

The event is once again supported by the List spa administration. The concert takes place in the context of the 60th anniversary of the ferry line between Sylt and Rømø.

Information on the 9th FRS Syltferry Music-Night

Tickets for the 9th FRS Syltferry Music-Night cost 57,- EUR plus booking fee. Fans will be able to check in on FRS Syltferry in both List on Sylt (admission 7:30 p.m.) and Havneby (admission 8:30 p.m.), getting ready to join WOLKENFREI at her concert on the North Sea at 9 pm. With this artist, a good mood is guaranteed, and your physical well-being won't have to suffer either. After the concert at sea, visitors can leave the ship again in both ports.


Just in time for the 10th anniversary of Wolkenfrei, Vanessa Mai has now announced the sensational comeback of her musical beginnings at that time. On February 3, 2023, she presents her single "Uns gehört die Welt" - the long awaited harbinger for the brand new Wolkenfrei album "Hotel Tropicana", which will be released at the end of March!

"Deep inside, Wolkenfrei has always had a place in my heart. I know where I come from. I've never not wanted to do Schlager. I just had to go new ways with Vanessa Mai, to be able to restart something that has made me so happy even then - with all my heart," describes the singer her return with the music project Wolkenfrei, which was so desired by the fans and with which she wants to bring back the carefree feeling of the past. "There had to be a storm first, so that the sky can become Wolkenfrei (= cloudless) again." Instead of looking at any fast-moving trends and quotas, Wolkenfrei presents herself today exactly the way her fans have always loved her, and yet she was brought into the here and now: airy-light, carefree, danceable - in other words: simply Wolkenfrei!

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