Here you can find directions to our two departure ports as well as information about public transport. Furthermore, we inform you about possible travel information, such as construction sites, as well as the opening hours of our respective ticket offices.

Martin Elsen Luftaufnahme des Anliegers in Havneby, mit angelegtem "Syltexpress".

Havneby on Rømø

Havneby, the Danish departure port of FRS Syltferries, is located at the southern tip of Rømø. The Danish island is directly connected to the mainland by a car dam, and the journey through a small piece of Denmark and across this car dam alone are an adventure

Havneby on Rømø
Martin Elsen Luftansicht des "Römöexpress", am Anleger in Havneby.

List on Sylt

The German departure port of FRS Syltferries is located in the north of the island. List is your gateway to Sylt - the L24, the island's main road, leads from here through the other island villages of Kampen, Wennigstedt-Barderup, the town of Westerland and Rantum all the way south to Hörnum.