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From Rømø to Sylt with the FRS Syltferries

Havneby (pronounced “How-nuh-boo”), the FRS Syltferries' Danish port of departure, lies at the southern tip of Rømø. The Danish island is directly linked to the mainland with a causeway for cars, and even the journey there through a small chunk of Denmark and across this causeway is an experience in itself.


Kilebryggen 1, 6792 Rømø, Dänemark | Koordinaten: 55.085492, 8.569578

Get there with by public transportation

Skærbæk railway station in Denmark can be reached from many cities in Germany with Deutsche Bahn. From there, the 285 bus goes to the port, at the Havneby (Rømø) stop. The FRS Syltferries' jetty is then an approximately five-minute walk from the bus stop.

Charging stations nearby

Charging stations for your e-car are located in the immediate neighbourhood of the harbour area.

Charging station Number of stations Address

Virta Global Ladestation, type 2

2 Kilebryggen, 6792 Rømø (directly at the pier)

Norlys Charging Station, type 2

2 Sønder Frankel 2, 6792 Rømø (approx. 750 m away)
OK Charging Station, CCS 2 Nordre Havnevej 2, 6792 Rømø (approx. 800 m away)
Spirii Charging Station, type 2 1 Vestergade, 6792 Rømø (approx. 900 m away)
Monta Charging Station, type 2 3 Vestergade 3, 6792 Rømø (approx. 1 km away)