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"The ship drive of the future."

- Zukunft ERDGAS e.V. -

Eco-friendly travelling

LNG makes it possible

With our new FRS Syltferry "RömöExpress" you travel in a very eco-friendly way. It runs exclusively on LNG. A diesel engine powered by marine diesel is available as a backup.
The gas engine enables the "RömöExpress" to reach a cruising speed of 15 knots.

In 2010, STX Norway Offshore in Langsten/Tomrefjord underwent a significant rebuild, in which the drive system was converted to gas operation (LNG).

What is LNG?

LNG stands for Liquid Natural Gas. It is natural gas that is cooled down to -162 °C and liquefied. This means that the volume is only 1/600th of that of gaseous natural gas. Due to the compression, significantly higher ranges can be achieved.

Why LNG?

LNG has much lower emissions than marine diesel and heavy oil and is therefore considered the cleanest fossil fuel. In comparison, up to 20 % CO2 and 85 % nitrogen oxides are saved, as well as fine dust by 95 % and sulphur oxides by 100 %.

What does it look like inside the ship?

Main engines

  • Diesel-Electric Drive, 2330 kW / Ulstein Bergen Diesel BRM
  • Gas-Electric Drive 2340 kW / Rolls Royce Bergen Gas type C25:33 L9AG, Serie No. 14500 ► LNG


  • 1 Thruster by Ullstein