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Passengers with limited mobility

Various facilities on the Syltferries ensure that our passengers with limited mobility also have a relaxing trip.


  • Lift from the car deck to the lounge
  • stair-free access ramps to the ship
  • accessible toilets on board
  • wide passageways on the ship
  • moveable seating in the restaurant
  • accessible toilets in the port

The FRS Syltferries also provide a crossing in comfort for wheelchair users and people with movement restrictions. A lift from the car deck can bring you into the lounge and catering area, from which you can also reach our shop area. 

You will also find moveable seats in our catering area so that you can easily take a place at the table. The ship’s wide corridors and accessible toilets (also in the port) make for a journey with maximum accessibility aboard our FRS Syltferries.

Please notify our ticket counter

We kindly ask wheelchair users and people with limited mobility to notify us at the ticket counter. We will then allocate a place for your car directly by the lift in the ferry’s car deck, and ensure the best possible accessibility.

EU regulation 1177/2010

The assistance to be provided according to Article 10 of EC Regulation No. 1177/2010 for disabled people and persons with limited mobility by the carrier and terminal operator requires that

  • there be a confirmed booking for the journey, and
  • that the person's need for assistance be communicated to the carrier or terminal operator at the latest 48 hours before the time when assistance will be needed, and
  • that the person be present at the port or designated contact point at a time specified by the carrier in writing, which may be no earlier than 60 minutes before the announced embarkation time, or
  • if an embarkation time has not been specified, be present at the latest 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

You can read the whole legal text here.