Schedule changes and information

On this page you will find current schedule changes and other information that might be important for our passengers. 

NO COVID-19 test required / Daily departures continue / Denmark can be used without restrictions as a transit country


Even in these times we carry you reliably and safely from and to Sylt. We continue to operate daily according to the current special schedule.


According to the Danish authorities, the passage for ALL customers of the FRS Syltferry from and to Havneby to our pier is unrestricted and possible without any proof - even without a COVID-19 test. This information has not changed even after Denmark was marked as a risk area.
Further information can be found at the following link:

(30.11.2020; 09:01 am)

Please note:
We will keep you informed of any relaxation and regulations, including those of the Danish authorities. However, please contact the authorities directly for more details or if anything is unclear.

(03.11.2020; 17:00 Uhr)