to Sylt, Rømø and on board

Vacation planning with FRS Syltfähre

We show you what the two North Sea islands Sylt and Rømø and the FRS Sylt ferries have to offer. And this much we can take for granted: It's a whole lot!

There is something for everyone here: whether nature lovers, beach goers, shopping queens or wellness fans - there is something for every taste. Let yourself be convinced and browse through the following pages at your leisure. You will surely get a lot of inspiration for your vacation planning on Sylt and Rømø.

Luftaufnahme von Sylt.


The island in the Wadden Sea provides with List the most northern municipality in Germany, has a 40 km long sandy beach and is part of the unique natural World Heritage Wadden Sea. As well as restaurants and boutiques, you will also find other idyllic and beautiful places for every budget. Vast nature in the middle of Frisian dune landscape. Here the North Sea meets the Wadden Sea - a natural spectacle of a special kind.
sandbank of Rømø


Only 3 kilometers from the North Sea island of Sylt lies the Danish island of Rømø in the Syddanmark region. It can be reached within approx. 40 minutes from List on Sylt with the two FRS Sylt ferries "RömöExpress" and "SyltExpress", from the mainland via a free car causeway. Rømø convinces by its unique North Sea landscape with extensive heath areas, almost seemingly endless sandy areas and dreamlike pine forests.
Martin Elsen Der "Syltexpress" und der "Römö Express"passieren einander auf See.

On board

With us, the vacation already begins on board. The 40-minute crossing on the FRS Sylt ferry is a real experience: the journey through the Wadden Sea and the fresh sea air are simply part of the journey to Germany's northernmost North Sea island, Sylt. But the visit on board alone is also worth the trip. During the crossing, for example, you can relax on the open decks, dine in the restaurant and store in the store.


Perfume shop on Syltferry.

Shopping on Sylt

In these stores you can shop like royalty

If you love shopping, you love Sylt. In the spacious mall or a small boutique - Sylt makes the hearts of shopping queens and kings beat faster. Not only the variety of shopping opportunities, but also the charm of the stores and their products is special. Many stores on Sylt are even open on Sundays from mid-March to the end of October. Discover with us where it is best to store on Sylt.
Kai Kestner LOVE sign with padlocks at the harbour of List

Culture on Sylt

These treasures you cannot miss

Sylt is full of culture. No wonder, because the special beauty of nature inspires art and culture creators to this day. Whether painting, music, literature or arts and crafts - in many places you can discover the lively art and culture scene on Sylt. We show you which cultural treasures you should discover while being on Sylt.

Cultur and Art on Sylt: The highlights you shouldn't miss
Der Strand unter dem Kliff, mit Strandkörben.

Beaches on Sylt

Here you will find your favorite beach

Sylt's beaches are a dream. On more than 40 kilometers of the finest sandy beach, everyone will be happy 365 days a year: building castles, discovering nature, surfing or letting your soul dangle. Do you know which beach type you are? Then we will show you where to find your personal beach happiness on Sylt.
Geoff Childs - Sportsegler beim Carsegeln.

Sports on Sylt

10 highlights for your active vacation on sylt

Quite sporty: Whether on land or water - on the varied North Sea island, sports fans get their money's worth. We show you which 10 sports you should definitely try out on Sylt.
Küste Sylts, mit dem Leuchturm "List-Ost".

Nature on Sylt

These animals and plants can be discovered on Sylt

Sylt's fascinating nature never stands still. On almost 100 square kilometers the island shows itself as a paradise for big and small nature discoverers. In the sea, on the beach, in the heath: anyone who explores Sylt's flora and fauna will be amazed in summer and winter. We show you why every visit to Sylt is a very special nature experience.
Eine Frühstücksplatte.

Appetite for Sylt

You must try these 7 culinary highlights

Sylt is an Eldorado for gourmets. From oyster to sugar - on Sylt not only fish lovers get their money's worth. In the cooking pots of the Frisian island are, in addition to tasty classics, always new surprises. Our 7 delicious tips are guaranteed to whet your appetite on Sylt.
A-ROSA Resort Sylt Pool des A-ROSA Sylt

Wellness on Sylt

Our five tips for wellness on Sylt

Wellness on Sylt works like a freshness kick for body, mind and soul. The island has everything you need for relaxation and recreation. The healthy stimulating climate and the salty air support the island's high-quality wellness offers with every breath. Here we show you 5 particularly popular wellness oases on Sylt.


Martin Elsen Luftaufnahme des Anliegers in Havneby, mit angelegtem "Syltexpress".

Danish island Rømø

Discover Rømø from Sylt

The islands of Sylt and Römö are separated by barely 6 kilometers. With FRS Syltfähre you can get from List on Sylt to Havneby on Römö in just under 40 minutes. Reason enough to take a closer look at Denmark's southernmost Wadden Sea island. We would be happy to tell you why we highly recommend a visit to Römö.

Discover Römö from Sylt

On board

Cruise van Cleef auf See mit Wolfgang Niedecken.

Review: 9th FRS Syltferry Music-Night


On 5th of August 2023, the time has finally come again: for the 9th time, FRS Syltferry presented a special concert with the "Cruise van Cleef at sea" with Wolfgang Niedecken. Also taking part: Grillmaster Flash and Accidental Bird.

Cruise van Cleef 2023

Review: 9th FRS Syltferry Music-Night


On August 6, 2023, the second of the two evenings of the 9th FRS Syltfähre Music-Night, WOLKENFREI created a buzz with their brand new album "Hotel Tropicana".

9th FRS Syltferry Music-Night
Die Musicnight 2019

FRS Syltferry Music-Night


On August 14, 2019, the 8th FRS Syltferry Music-Night took place: Beatrice Egli thrilled with songs from her new album "Natürlich!". Here you can find a few photos showing the terrific evening with its special atmosphere.


8. FRS Syltfähre Musicnight
Konzert Thees Uhlmann auf dem Wasser

Cruise van Cleef


On August 15, 2019 it was time: Thees Uhlmann & Band rocked the North Sea and continued the beautiful tradition of the Cruise van Cleef on the FRS Syltferry. On this page you will find some photos and impressions of the Cruise van Cleef.


Cruise van Cleef