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Culture and Art on Sylt: These treasures you cannot miss

Sylt is full of culture. No wonder, because the special beauty of nature inspires art and culture creators to this day. Whether painting, music, literature or arts and crafts - in many places you can discover the lively art and culture scene on Sylt. We show you which cultural treasures you should discover while being on Sylt.


(For information on Corona restrictions on cultural offerings on Sylt, see the pages of the respective organizers).

Dinah Boysen

The Kampen Art and Culture Trail

Max Frisch, Emil Nolde, Thomas Mann, Ernst Rowohlt and many more. Already in the past, numerous artists from the international mainland were drawn to Kampen on Sylt. They stayed on the island for some time or made Sylt their new home. The impressive nature with its changing light moods inspired their ideas for art and culture and stimulated the exchange among the artists. The Kampen Art and Culture Trail sees itself as a tribute to the many painters, publishers, writers, musicians, poets and thinkers who worked in Kampen on Sylt and continue to inspire people to create their own creative works to this day. Walkers can discover their lives and work along the Kampen Art and Culture Trail by means of quotations and brief information on the 32 bronze cast plates. Further details about the creative personalities are accessible via a QR code at the sites. Those who want to listen to exciting anecdotes from the lives of artists in Kampen or learn more about the history of the artists' village should join a tour led by Thomas Landt. Several times a month, the Kampen artist guides interested visitors in an entertaining way along the art and culture trail through the picturesque artists' village and its surroundings.

Museums on Sylt

The "Sölring Museen" comprise no less than four Sylt museums. They all revolve around the history and nature of the island. With an age of about 5000 years, the Steinzeitgrab Denghoog is as old as the famous Stonehenge cult site in Great Britain. A touch of mysticism also surrounds the Hühnengrab in Wenningstedt. The finds from inside the chamber date back to the Neolithic Age and are among the first evidence of human culture in the region of present-day Sylt. A popular and at the same time instructive place on Sylt is the nature trail Vogelkoje Kampen. In the past, people used to catch ducks here, but today you can learn a lot about flora, fauna and culture on Sylt at numerous hands-on stations along the nature trail. If you want to know what an "alcove" or a "pesel" is, then you should visit the Old Frisian House/Altfriesisches Haus on the Keitumer Watt. The historic captain's households many a secret of Sylt's history. It tells of the living conditions and customs on the island from 1640 onwards. In the Sylt Museum the name says it all: here everything revolves around the history and culture of Sylt. Everyday stories of the islanders tell, among other things, of the adventures of the seafarers and bring to life the history of art and the language of the Sylt people. The National Park House Arche Wattenmeer in Hörnum is worth a trip for families in any weather. Parents and children can learn interesting facts about the North Sea and its inhabitants in a playful way. At certain times, visitors can also watch the aquarium animals being fed. The guided rally through the museum is also popular with children - team spirit, creativity and humor are required here. At the Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten, natural phenomena become "tangible" in the truest sense of the word for children and adults alike. In a variety of mostly interactive ways, visitors can learn about Sylt's history, flora and fauna, or explore the weather and climate in the museum's indoor or outdoor areas. In addition, the focus is on the tides and their effects on life around Sylt. The special highlight from summer 2021: the 360-degree cinema "Syltdome". Here, visitors can expect spectacular images of Sylt's nature. Once the thirst for knowledge has been quenched, visitors can enjoy regional, organic and Fairtrade products at Bistro Naturgewalten. Another red-hot tip for families with children: The Firefighter Museum in Keitum: Exciting exhibits provides insights into the important work of the emergency responders. The excursion into the history of the fire department is possible once a week. Experienced firefighters voluntarily accompany the 60 square meter exhibition with entertaining anecdotes. The visit is worthwhile and can be ideally combined with other offers in Keitum and the surrounding area.

Heiner Müller-Elsner Das Erlebniszentrum "Nautrgewalten" auf Sylt.
Hans Joachim Pohl

Galleries and exhibitions on Sylt

Art lovers get their money's worth in many places on Sylt. You should not miss these addresses: The Kaamp Hüs in Kampen is not only a feast for the eyes from the outside. It alternately offers local artists and artists from the mainland a stage for their diverse works. The Galerie am Meer is an interesting place to visit for anyone who appreciates large-format, expressive landscape paintings and North Sea views as well as modern abstract art and handicrafts. Here, art lovers can go on a treasure hunt from May to October. For fans of Udo Lindenberg or Otto Waalkes, the exclusive Hof Galerie Sylt next to Westerland's town hall is a must. In addition to the works of other artists, such as Iris Rousseau or Leopold Reiser, the paintings, graphics and drawings of the rock musician and comedian are among the special features of the house. The gallery owner Cornelia Kamp is known beyond the borders of Sylt. In her gallery KAMPs in Keitum are therefore artists from all over the world. Besides Günther Grass or Joe Barnes, you can also discover young talents here. The more than 100-year-old reed barn of the Hansenhof houses the studio of Hans Joachim Pohl. In his paintings in acrylic and watercolor, the former art teacher captures diverse Sylt moods and creates figurative as well as abstract works from wood and stone. By appointment or during opening hours, the artist presents his works in person.

Event houses on Sylt

Sylt has several houses where culture can be experienced. The kursaal³ on Wennigstedter Cliff offers a colorful program of music, comedy and readings from February to December. Here, not only well-known faces of show business entertain, but also the up-and-coming artistic newcomers. With its exposed location overlooking the sea, the venue itself is an attractive multi-talent: in addition to cultural events, the location is also ideal for conferences, congresses, trade fairs and private celebrations.

Art and culture need a place to inspire an audience. This can also be a little more unusual: After a long period of wandering, Culture on Sylt has now been bubbling up next to a Sylt Quelle bottling hall since 2007. Sometimes a theater, sometimes a concert hall, sometimes a cabaret stage - in the summer months, the Meerkabarett changes its guise almost daily. Those who like to be a little closer to the action on stage can also enjoy the Meerkabarett in the somewhat more intimate atmosphere of the Friesensaal located in Keitum. One of the floating venues is the FRS Syltfähre. The event series "FRS Syltfähre Musicnight", for example, stands for a special concert experience on the water: renowned artists from the pop, rock or pop music scene then ensure a good atmosphere on board. Church naves are also regularly transformed into concert halls on Sylt: In the church St. Severin Kirche in Keitum, for example, the Wednesday concerts invite you to classical and modern organ music. But jazz, blues or baroque music also resounds from Sylt's houses of worship.

Sabine Priebe
Markus Tollhopf/Hamburg

Handicrafts on Sylt

When traditional craftsmanship and artistic creative power meet, unique treasures "Made in Sylt" are created. No two works are alike and each unique piece bears the individual signature of its maker. A firm authority among today's Sylt craftsmen is goldsmith Edda Raspé. Together with her son, she creates beauties in gold and silver in her workshop. In addition to classic gemstones, stones from the Sylt beach are also used. Goldsmith Christoph Freier also focuses on individuality. With his themed necklaces, he wants to make the works of art from his hand into real companions for their owners. A former barn in Braderup is home to the Lederwerkstatt Sylt manufactory. In the store workshop, you can watch the masters at work and marvel at a wide range of products in the sales area: jackets, shoes, bags and much more are made from high-quality cow, deer, reindeer or kangaroo skins. The beauties from the hands of Antje Otto are fragile, but in design and finish also made for use. She uses different techniques of glass processing to achieve the desired effects and the play of light and shadow. Stoneware and porcelain, on the other hand, are the preferred materials in the pottery of Till Bruttel and Regine Skoluda in Keitum. In the idyllically situated shop with workshop, lovingly painted dishes, cups or plates await appreciative prospective buyers. A visit to the stores and workshops of the artisans on Sylt is worthwhile for all who are enthusiastic about creative crafts with a breeze of extravagance.

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