Shopping-Queen: In these stores you can shop like royalty

If you love shopping, you love Sylt. In the spacious mall or a small boutique - Sylt makes the hearts of shopping queens and kings beat faster. Not only the variety of shopping opportunities, but also the charm of the stores and their products is special. Many stores on Sylt are even open on Sundays from mid-March to the end of October. Discover with us where it is best to store on Sylt.

Sylter Bonscherei

Culinary on Sylt

You want to take the delicious taste of Sylt home with you? Understandable. With the regional delicacies from the numerous Sylt kitchens and manufactories, you can still indulge in vacation memories at home or give presents to those at home. With the products from the Johannes King Genussshop in Keitum, for example, it is wonderful to dream of Sylt: whether Sylter Rosen Gin, Sylter sea salt or Sylter honey - many of the star chef's compositions are based on ingredients that come from the island. Here one acquires not only exquisite delicatessen specialties, but also a sensual Sylt experience. The same applies to the products from the chocolate manufactory in Tinnum. Chocolate is known to make people happy. So, with a gift from the manufactory, you not only sweeten the day for yourself or others, but also ensure that the world becomes a little happier. Speaking of sweets: If you want to feel like Pipi Longstocking in a candy store for once, then you should urgently visit the Sylter Bonscherei in Rantum. Here you can put together your individual favorite mixture from a wide, sugary and colorful assortment. Thanks to the glass kitchen, you can also see for yourself there that the production is done 100 percent by hand. And if you want to take a short break from the shopping marathon, the 350-square-meter garden of the Bonscherei is the perfect place. Over coffee and cake, the next shopping stops can be planned perfectly.

Markets, farm and organic stores on Sylt

If you want to provide yourself with the best regional products on Sylt, you will find interesting places to go to on the island. One of the popular addresses is the Hansenhof in Morsum. Run by the fourth generation, the more than 100-year-old farm now specializes in chickens, but also offers a wide range of agricultural products from Sylt and the region. Since 2021, you can get the products not only in the farm store, but also in the Sylter Lädchen by Hansenhof in Westerland. In addition to the egg liqueur "Hühnerbaron", the beer liqueur "Sôlkör" is also one of the farm's specialties. The Erdbeerparadies in Braderup not only has delicious strawberries on offer. Throughout the year you can buy fruit, vegetables and eggs in organic quality there, as well as many other treasures of nature. In addition, the farm is distinguished by its anthroposophical farming methods. No wonder that many restaurants, cafes and grocers on Sylt also rely on the products of the Strawberry Paradise. In any case, a visit to the weekly market in Westerland is also suggested. From fresh fish to meat, vegetables and fruit, you can get everything your culinary heart desires here and, by the way, also get to know some authentic island life of the residents.


Fashion on Sylt

Whether it's a classic navy look in blue, white and red or the latest trends of the season - if you're one of the fashion-conscious visitors to Sylt, you'll be happy in many places on the island. Westerland is one of the largest shopping centers on the island. In the traditional fashion house Hellner Sylt, you can store to your heart's content on more than 1000 square meters. Both ladies and gentlemen will find the right outfit for every occasion. One of the most famous shopping destinations on the island is the picturesque village of Kampen with its numerous boutiques in the luxury segment. Elegant footwear for the shopping tour can be found at Wunderhaus, for example. In addition to chic shoes, fashion fans will also find fashionable accessories such as glasses, scarves or bags there. A few corners further, ladies and gentlemen will find fine materials and fashionable cuts of German and Italian brands in the owner-operated boutique MAJASYLT KAMPEN. Those who prefer casual surfer style should stop by the Home of Salty Elements in Hörnum. Here you will find sporty Fairtrade fashion made from organic cotton. The highlight: their own "Salty Elements" collection designed on Sylt.

Children's stores on Sylt

Anyone can venture into the Drachenhöhle in Westerland, where fun and games have dominated the 60 square meters of the "most colorful courtyard on the island" for over 30 years. Wind games, juggling articles, kites in all variations and much more make children's eyes light up - so boredom doesn't stand a chance here. Also, at home in Westerland is the Inselkind label. The small family business has been running a surf school on Sylt for over 10 years. The casual surfer lifestyle is also reflected in the limited editions of Inselkind fashion: comfortable hooded sweaters, colorful T-shirts, beanies and caps for kids in trendy surfer style. So that dad and mom can keep up in terms of coolness factor, there are also models for adults - the latest collections are made entirely of organic cotton and recycled material. Too young for a Friesennerz? Never. At the Michel and Ida children's store in Westerland, there's everything you need for babies and young children, from mud pants to rubber boots, for a mudflat hike. Looking for gifts for the nursery or the closet, one easily falls into highest delight at the sight of the pretty articles in Nordic design.


Sylt souvenirs

Not only culinary handicraft is valued on Sylt. In the Sylter Werkstätten in Tinnum you can find handmade products that you can only get on Sylt. The manufactory is an institution for people with disabilities. Decorative candles, 16 different types of organic muesli and delicious jams are made there. The sale takes place at the Fliegerhorst in Tinnum, you can test the tasty specialties of the colorful assortment in the "summer café" of the Sylter Werkstätten. For decades now, the crossed sabers of the Sansibar Sylt brand have been among the island's landmarks. The cult around the probably best-known restaurant on Sylt has meanwhile produced an immense variety of products: shoes, clothes, wines or food - every Sansibar article stands for that certain Sylt feeling. If you are looking for a souvenir for yourself or others, you are sure to find what you are looking for at the Sansibar outlet store in Rantum. Would you like to take a piece of Sylt home with you? In the Dünenstrauss Sylt store in List, this is indeed possible. The artist Bo von Dünenstrauss has turned the hobby of many Sylt vacationers into his profession: beach walks. From the found objects that he tracks down in the process, he creates individual flotsam and jetsam beauties. Alluvial wood inspires the self-proclaimed "beach wood bandit" to create lamps, tables or picture frames with a unique history, for example. On board the FRS Syltfähre you will also find Sylt souvenirs in the Travel Value Shop that will keep you thinking about the wonderful time on the island for a long time to come and make you want to see it again soon.

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Our ferries "RömöExpress" and "SyltExpress" run up to 32 times a day between Römö and Sylt. On board, you can expect a restaurant with delicious dishes as well as a selection of GOSCH products, shopping opportunities and open decks with beach chairs, lots of fresh air and a North Sea feeling.