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In the mood for sports? 10 highlights for your active vacation on Sylt

Quite sporty: Whether on land or water - on the varied North Sea island, sports fans get their money's worth. We show you which 10 sports you should definitely try out on Sylt.

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The board at your feet, the kite firmly in your grip - those who are passionate about playing with the elements of water and wind will find the best conditions on Sylt. Nowhere else can kitesurfers pursue their passion on more days of the year. And if the wind direction doesn't suit you, you can simply change the side of the island. And the fun can continue. No wonder that the annual Kitesurf World Cup in Germany naturally takes place on Sylt. The experienced "Watermen" of the water sports schools on Sylt do not only introduce newcomers to the demanding sport. With their experience and knowledge of the tides, they also know the best time for a special nature experience: kite surfing on a sandbank in the middle of the North Sea. Have fun taming the kite!

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Breathtaking waves and eternally long sandy beaches make Sylt the number one windsurfing pilgrimage site in Germany. While the waves rage on the west side of the island, the gentler mudflats on the east coast are the ideal spot for surfing beginners. One of the best surfing spots on the island is the east beach in Hörnum. Despite its location in the mud flats, beginners and advanced surfers are not dependent on the tides here, but can enjoy flat water and moderate winds all day long. Those who like it a bit rougher and more challenging will be happy at Brandenburger Strand near Westerland, among other places. Here even the world's best professionals can face real challenges at the Windsurf World Cup Sylt. No matter how wild the ride on the waves may be - after a strenuous surf session there is nothing better than to let the day end on one of the gorgeous beaches of the island.


Hawaii feeling on the North Sea beach? You'll find it on Sylt. This is where the German surf culture originated: Since the 1950s, not only a stiff breeze has been blowing across the island, but also a touch of casual surfer lifestyle. Suitable conditions can be found by beginners and advanced surfers on the west coast with its approximately 40 kilometers of beach. The best chances for constant waves are from September to April. Popular surf spots on Sylt include Buhne 16, the Sturmhaube in Kampen, the Kartoffelkiste or K4 in Hörnum. For the perfect wave you have to be patient on Sylt. But when all the necessary factors come together and a good "swell" forms, the wave-hungry surfers plunge into the tides. The special energy and fun of this sport can then be felt all the way to the dune-lined beach - risk of infection included!

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Stand Up Paddling

On the water, Sylt shows itself from its most sporty side. For some years now, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has also been part of the island's fixed repertoire. It is not only quickly learned and popular with children and young people, but also an attractive alternative to the wind-dependent variants of water sports. When the right breeze is waiting, "SUPing" is the perfect pastime. Top conditions await you in summer, for example, on the east and west coasts of Hörnum. There and everywhere on the island you can rent board and paddle by the hour or participate in one of the SUP courses of the water sports schools. However, you should not underestimate the relaxed-looking sport: when Stand Up Paddling you train not only the balance and the entire body, but - depending on the speed - also your condition and endurance. Watch out, full-body workout!


Sylt is an absolute horse paradise. More than 30 kilometers of bridle paths invite you to discover the island on horseback amidst a picture-book backdrop. Big and small horse lovers can book lessons at the six riding stables and choose from a wide range of riding and driving activities. A ride in the Wadden Sea is certainly one of the unforgettable experiences on Sylt: With experienced riding instructors it goes in the springy-loose gallop over the soft ground of the mudflats. You would like to experience this pleasure with your own horse? On the ships of the FRS Syltfähre horse trailers are also welcome on board (LINK?). Locally, numerous farms offer guest stalls for the four-hoofed visitors to the island. By the way: With the common active vacation on Sylt you do not only something good for yourself. Your horse also benefits from the invigorating effect of the healthy stimulating climate, which prevents respiratory and skin diseases, for example. So nothing stands in the way of happiness on this earth!

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Cyclists have a free ride on Sylt. At the many beaches, dunes and the popular Rantum basin, motorized traffic quickly comes to an end. Then things really get going for cyclists: on a total of 200 kilometers of bike paths, the salty sea air, the changing ground and the boundless views make every bike trip a sensual maritime experience. One of the beautiful routes leads along the disused island railway line from Rantum to Hörnum. Major climbs are nowhere to be expected here, but there is a considerable headwind. At the latest then it pays off if you have chosen an e-bike at the rental station. You prefer to explore Sylt on your own bicycle? With the ships of the FRS Syltfähre "SyltExpress" and "RømøExpress" the arrival and departure with bicycles is easily possible. Not only the environment is happy.


The most northerly golf course in Germany can be found on Sylt. But the four 18-hole golf courses are not only at the top of the map: Regular top rankings on national and international hit lists confirm the highest attractiveness of the golf resorts in the midst of the dune and heath landscape. Their gates are also open to non-club members. The Budesand golf course at the southern end of the island, for example, offers real links golf. With a view of the neighboring islands of Amrum and Föhr, players here can face the tricky tasks of a "links course" almost all year round. Whether deep pot bunkers or treacherous roughs - special skills and new strategies are required here. Everywhere on the island, golfers can expect an additional handicap: from a light gust of air to a strong gust, the wind on Sylt is always part of the game and provides many a sporting challenges.

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Inline skating

Black asphalt instead of white sand - that's what passionate inline skaters are looking for on Sylt. They can find it, for example, on Germany's most northerly skate route: the circular tour is located directly on the water and runs for just under eight kilometers from the Weststrandhalle to just before the Lister harbor in the northeast. In addition to the maritime soundscape and the unobstructed view of the boundless Wadden Sea, the route offers impressive views of the unique Königshafen and the two lighthouses of the Sylt elbow. Located in the west and equally popular with inliners is the five-kilometer tour from Westerland to Rantum. It takes you through an enchanting dune landscape and along small wooded areas. Like everywhere else on Sylt, inline skaters have neither noticeable inclines nor sloping paths to fear here. So they can confidently concentrate on the unique landscape and roll away from the stress of everyday life relaxed.


Put on your shoes and go. Running is wonderfully uncomplicated. It's just as easy to find the perfect jogging route on Sylt: on sandy beaches, between dunes, on the dikes, in the heath, in the forest or on the beach promenade - the island offers varied running routes for every training level. The lack of inclines is compensated by the sometimes strong headwind on Sylt and thus provides an extra training effect. If you want to improve not only your fitness while running, but also your knowledge of the island, you should take part in the Sightseeing Run in List. On the 10- to 12-kilometer loop, participants learn exciting facts about the history of the town. Despite all the effort, Sylt spoils its joggers with impressive panoramas, unique light moods or - with a little luck - a glimpse of a rare representative of the island's rich flora and fauna. Who will actually notice here that they are doing sports?

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Yoga on the beach

Exhaust, switch off and recharge at the same time. That's yoga on Sylt. People in bent poses are no longer a rare sight on the island. Whether it's relaxed asanas or intensive hatha yoga - depending on your level of ability, even those on short notice will quickly find a connection to one of the free yoga groups. If you want to enjoy your yoga session on the beach alone, it's best to unroll your mat in the quiet morning hours. Under the open sky, body, mind and soul get into harmony more quickly. The regular roar of the surf supports the conscious flow of the breath. By the way, yoga on the beach also has a training bonus: Every movement in the soft sand requires special balance. This trains the sense of balance and strengthens the deep muscles of the entire body. What better way to start a day on Sylt than with a sun salutation in the direction of the glittering Wadden Sea? Namasté North Sea!

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