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Bye-bye Stress: Our 5 tips for wellness on Sylt

Wellness on Sylt works like a freshness kick for body, mind and soul. The island has everything you need for relaxation and recreation. The healthy stimulating climate and the salty air support the island's high-quality wellness offers with every breath. Here we show you 5 particularly popular wellness oases on Sylt.

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1. Micro-Wellness: Day Spa on Sylt

Stress and hectic pace characterize the everyday life of many people. It is therefore all the more important to press the pause button in good time. Small time-outs, such as a visit to a day spa, help with regeneration and are easy to implement on Sylt: The Syltness Center in Westerland, for example, is a true temple to health and wellness. Diverse offers from the areas of health, beauty, wellness and fitness supported the guests on their way to more well-being. Here, health concepts from around the world meet traditional treatments from the region. Start, for example, with a relaxing bath in Sylt's healing mud from the Wadden Sea. The natural salt content of the “schlick” has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates circulation. Afterwards, an Ayurvedic massage or Shihatsu treatment can intensify the relaxing effect of the mud bath. True to the motto "Sanitas Per Aquam" - healthy through water - thermal baths or inhalation with salty seawater can also have a positive effect on complaints in the nose, larynx and trachea as well as asthmatic diseases.

The Day Spa Keitum is the little sister of the Syltness Center in Westerland. Here, guests can choose from a wide range of different massages. Tip: Many Sylt wellness hotels also offer their services to external guests. So, you can also book your extra portion of relaxation there by the hour.

Strandsauna List

2. To melt away: beach saunas on Sylt

First sweat, then swim. A visit to a beach sauna on Sylt not only boosts the body's defenses, but also pampers you with a unique sea experience. The sauna season usually starts in April and ends in October. With the surf always in view, it is possible to relax wonderfully with fragrant aromas inside the sauna huts, on the terraces or in one of the beach chairs. Beach saunas are true oases of relaxation and have long had cult status on the island. You can combine sauna and beach fun at four locations on Sylt. The Hörnum beach sauna is the most traditional beach sauna on Sylt. Surrounded by the nature reserve, it can be easily reached by car as well as by bicycle. Guests can choose between a classic Finnish sauna or a somewhat milder bio sauna with infrared light, in which the thermometer only climbs to 65 degrees Celsius. A wooden staircase leads to the FFK beach. From there, cooling off in the tides is not far away. Since 1972, sauna lovers have been making a pilgrimage to the Strandsauna List, which is surrounded by a dune landscape and scores points with its visitors for its spacious outdoor area with beach chairs and its own beach access. Whether for large or small in the four saunas, which are operated with different concepts is something for everyone. In the summer months, a successful day can be rounded off by taking a sauna during the sunset.  At the foot of the dunes, just a few meters from the water, is the Rantum beach sauna. There on the beach with a wonderful view of the North Sea, you can melt away in a Finnish sauna and then cool off in the North Sea. Pure relaxation is also offered by the large terrace with comfortable beach chairs, where you can unwind after a refreshing bath. The Samoa beach sauna can be easily reached by public transport. It is located on the popular nudist beach section Samoa, which you can also visit clothed. Guests can choose between a classic and a steam sauna. The special highlight: the extra-large panorama window, which offers a magnificent view of the beach and sea while taking a sauna. Those who want to fortify themselves after a sauna can visit the well-known "Seepferdchen" restaurant next door.

Inselklinik Sylt

4. Health professionals: spa clinics and spa doctors.

Health is of central importance today. For many decades, tourists have been coming to Sylt to enjoy the healthy climate, the salty air and the island's diverse health offerings. The focus has long been not only on getting healthy, but also on staying healthy. Thus, over time, Sylt has also established itself as a center of excellence for health and prevention. Here you will find specialized spa clinics such as Germany's northernmost clinic, the Asklepios Nordseeklinik in Westerland. Located directly behind the dunes, it includes not only a hospital for the acutely ill, but also a rehabilitation center. People with dermatological, pneumological, oncological and orthopedic ailments find competent support for regeneration there.

The Insel-Klinik Sylt specializes in mother-child and father-child cures. In the low-allergen North Sea ice climate, parents and their children can find medical-therapeutic help here as part of a three-week inpatient cure, including for respiratory, skin, and metabolic diseases, psychosomatic-psychovegetative illnesses, or diseases of the heart and circulation.

On Sylt measures from the Thalasso therapy are used in particular. They make use of the health-promoting characteristics of the sea, for example in the form of mud packs, algae wraps or thermal baths.

5. Pleasure despite renouncement: Fasting vacation on Sylt

Vacation and renouncement - how does that fit together? This question places itself to many, before they tried the accompanied, temporary food renouncement once. Chamfered is an old and culture-spreading method of the "pause", nothing else than vacation for the body. During fasting, regenerative and cleansing processes of the cells (autophagy) are set in motion. In addition, fasting also slows down inflammatory processes in the body. People who suffer from rheumatism, allergies or skin and intestinal problems, for example, benefit from this effect. The food renouncement has however not only effects on the body, but also on the spirit: Removed from everyday routines, thoughts can come to rest and open up to new things. Thus, the chamfering becomes in the long run the strengthening experience for body and soul. If one leaves the delicious temptations of the Sylter of kitchens out, the island is the perfect place for a chamfering stay: The island situation, the varied nature and the healthy stimulus climate strengthen the positive effects of chamfering. For this reason, you find on Sylt also numerous chamfering offers. The chamfering team Ahlers or the chamfering house Werner for example accompany Sylt visitors with different methods of chamfering. To the most well-known forms the chamfering belongs after Buchinger, the basis chamfering and the vital chamfering. A popular offer of the specialists is chamfering moving on Sylt. It usually lasts one week, takes place in the group and is led by experienced chamfering experts. The accompanying, daily moving by Sylts varied landscape does not only provide for best diverting from thoughts at Fischbrötchen and other Leckereien. The moderate movement at the fresh air prevents also the protein dismantling in the muscles during chamfering, energizes the fat burn and trains the cardiovascular system. Against the possible Jojo effect after a chamfering cure the correct Tipps and cheat of the professional’s help. Thus, a chamfering vacation on Sylt is not rarely also impulse giver for a lasting conversion of the nourishing and way of life.

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Our ferries "RömöExpress" and "SyltExpress" run up to 32 times a day between Römö and Sylt. On board, you can expect a restaurant with delicious dishes as well as a selection of GOSCH products, shopping opportunities and open decks with beach chairs, lots of fish air and a North Sea feeling.