Traffic jam before the crossing to Sylt makes for unhappy guests: Thanks to free reservations for bus travel to Sylt, you'll have a safe seat on board of the FRS Syltfähre. Up to 32 departures a day for bus transport to Sylt offer a lot of flexibility when planning your trip. The FRS Syltfähre transports coaches even in stronger winds. Large car decks ensure a relaxed arrival and departure of the ferry. On board, your drivers receive a compimentary meal. Your guests enjoy the view on deck and get into the Sylt mood with fish rolls from GOSCH.

No waiting time

Free reservation

Maritime arrvial

Added value for guests

Guaranteed takeway

Independent of wind forces

Simple loading

No rimming necessary

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Set up a customer account and enjoy the benefits

With a free company account at FRS Syltfähre, booking, reservation and travel are especially easy. You can book your trip many months in advance and reserve fixed seats for your drivers. When paying by direct debit via the costumer account, the drivers get on board the FRS Syltfähre cashless, contact-free and fast.


The FRS Syltferries "RömöExpress" and "SyltExpress" travel between Havneby on Römö and List on Sylt up to 32 times a day. Early birds take the first ferry at 5:15 am. In summer, the last ferry leaves for Römö at 9 pm.

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Resting time incl. a meal for your driver

The crossing can also be used as resting time for your driver, who receives a coffee or soft drink as well as the dish of the day or a sandwich for free on board of the FRS Syltferries.

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Both of FRS Syltfähre's ferries driving


Our ferries "RömöExpress" and "SyltExpress" run up to 32 times a day between Römö and Sylt. On board, you can expect a restaurant with delicious dishes as well as a selection of GOSCH products, shopping opportunities and open decks with beach chairs, lots of fresh air and a North Sea feeling.

Both ferries at the jetty of Havneby, a picture taken by the webcam in Havneby


Looking forward? With our webcams you can enjoy a direct view of our ports of departure in Havneby and on Sylt.