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FRS Syltferry - 60 years Rømø-Sylt

The ferry connection between Sylt and Rømø has existed for 60 years. What began on July 7, 1963 with a small passenger ferry for around 240 passengers as the Rømø-Sylt Fægeri of the Danish Lindinger Reederei developed over the years into a popular travel route for pedestrians, motorists, campers and freight transport alike. Since the late 1970s, the Flensburg-based company FRS (then Flensburger Förde-Reederei and later Förde Reederei Seetouristik) has operated the ferry service. Today, two modern double-ended ferries, the "SyltExpress" and the "RömöExpress", operate on behalf of FRS Syltfähre up to 32 times a day from Havneby to List, taking numerous passengers and their vehicles safely, easily and quickly across the North Sea.

FRS Syltfähre is a 100% subsidiary of the Flensburg-based FRS Group. FRS looks back on a shipping history of over 150 years. Since then, FRS has developed from a regional passenger ship operator to an internationally active group of companies and is today one of the leading specialists in ferry shipping in Europe. FRS operates 70 ships and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide. The shipping company operates numerous national and international ferry and catamaran routes and carries around 7.9 million passengers and 2.1 million vehicles per year. FRS is also active in offshore logistics, port management, crewing and maritime consulting.

Truly cinematic

The "SyltExpress", which has been in service since 2005, not only cuts a fine figure live, it can also be marveled at on television. For the filming of the 2009 movie "The Ghost Writer" by director Roman Polański, the then Rømø-Sylt line was renamed "Bay Line Ferries," a fictional ferry line on the east coast of the USA. For this reason, the "SyltExpress" also exceptionally flew the American flag in the film.

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History of the FRS Syltferry

Ship name Time period   Shipping company
MS "Rømø (I)" 1963-1966   Lindinger Reederei
MF "Anö" 1964-1966   Lindinger Reederei
MS "Friesland" 1964-1967   Lindinger Reederei
MF "Sylt" 1966-1976   Lindinger Reederei
MF "Egeskov" 1967   Lindinger Reederei
MF "Rømø (II)" 1967-1974   Lindinger Reederei
MS "Adriana" 1970   Lindinger Reederei
MS "Mrs Sippi" (ex. Rømø (I)) 1971-1978   Lindinger Reederei
MF "Westerland" 1971-1982

Lindinger Reederei
Rømø-Sylt Linie*

MF "Vikingland" 1974-2005  

Lindinger Reederei
Rømø-Sylt Linie

MS "Holnis" 1983   Rømø-Sylt Linie
MS "Mürwik" 1980s   Rømø-Sylt Linie
MS "SyltExpress" since 2005  

Rømø-Sylt Linie
FRS Syltferry*

MS "RömöExpress" since 2019   FRS Syltferry

* The Rømø-Sylt line was, like FRS Syltferry today, a 100% subsidiary of FRS.

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