09th FRS Syltferry Music-Night

"Cruise van Cleef at sea" with Wolfgang Niedecken

On 5th of August 2023, the time has finally come again: FRS Syltferry presents a special concert for the 9th time. On the first of two evenings, the well-known artist Wolfgang Niedecken will perform on the double-ended ferry "SyltExpress". He will be accompanied by pianist Mike Herting, and together they will offer a storyteller programme all about Bob Dylan, Niedecken and BAP. But the two will not be alone. For all music lovers, Grillmaster Flash will already be playing on the 3:30 p.m. departure from List on Sylt and the 4:30 p.m. departure from Havneby, and Accidental Bird will be playing on the 5:30 p.m. departure from List and the 6:30 p.m. departure from Havneby. In the evening, Wolfgang Niedecken will be waiting for his fans to perform his "Dylanreise" and will play in a special atmosphere on board of FRS Syltferry.

With its musical programme, maritime surroundings and proximity to the acts, the day promises to be a real highlight that shouldn't be missed. After a 3-year break, FRS Syltferry and the Hamburg-based independent label "Grand Hotel van Cleef", with the kind support of the List Kurverwaltung on Sylt, will finally rock the North Sea again.

The concert will take place as part of the 60th anniversary of the ferry line between Sylt and Rømø.

Get your ticket now!

Ferry tickets for Wolfgang Niedecken are available NOW at FRS Syltferry ticket counters in List on Sylt and Havneby (a maximum of 2 tickets per person will be sold) as well as online at https://www.ghvc-shop.de/tickets/.


Ticket requests via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram and fax are unfortunately not possible.


Concert tickets for the 9th FRS Syltferry Music Night with Wolfgang Niedecken cost 57 euros plus booking fee.

The regular ferry ticket prices apply for the supporting bands.

Timetable for the FRS Syltferry Music Night

Time Harbour Band
15:30 from List on Sylt Grillmaster Flash
16:30 from Havneby Grillmaster Flash
17:30 from List on Sylt Accidental Bird
18:30 from Havneby Accidental Bird
19:30 from List on Sylt Admission for Wolfgang Niedecken
20:30 from Havneby Admission for Wolfgang Niedecken
22:45 from List on Sylt Arrival and exit
23:40 from Havneby Arrival and exit


Until 3:30 p.m., the Syltferry will run according to the normal summer timetable, which you can view here.

The last public departure of the SyltExpress for vehicles and pedestrians that evening is at 5.30 pm from List on Sylt and at 6.30 pm from Havneby.

At 7.30 pm from List auf Sylt and 8.30 pm from Havneby, access is only possible for pedestrians with a concert ticket for Wolfgang Niedecken.

Further information about the artists:

Wolfgang Niedecken

There is certainly no other German musician who is as close to Bob Dylan as Wolfgang Niedecken. For decades, he has been shaping German-language rock music with his band BAP and as a solo musician, repeatedly engaging with the work of Bob Dylan: In 2017, Niedecken set out on a journey in the footsteps of Bob Dylan on behalf of the TV channel ARTE - across the USA, where he spoke with many former companions, photographers, journalists and musicians who were able to provide competent information about "Bob Dylan's America" (the working title). His book is about this journey. He writes about cross-connections to his own biography and the points of contact with the history of his band BAP, which has now existed for 45 years. Above all, he talks about the great influence Bob Dylan has had and continues to have on his own work as a songwriter. Niedecken reads selected passages from his road movie-like book, written in a conversational tone, and plays the songs in question. One can be curious to see whether the respective stories lead to a Dylan or a BAP song. Sometimes he switches from English to Cologne in the middle of a song, because there are cover versions of many songs. Pieces like "Songs sinn Dräume", inspired by a sentence in Dylan's autobiography "Chronicles", are also on the set list: "Songs are like dreams that you try to make come true. They're like foreign lands you travel to."

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Benjamin Eichler

Grillmaster Flash

His civil name is Christian Wesemann, he comes from the north of Bremen (which he has never made a secret of to me, quite the opposite) and his denim frock smells like his music sounds. GRILLMASTER FLASH (you can't choose your stage name, everyone knows that!) has never been too shy to drive kilometres in recent years just to play in front of 15 old punks in a porous youth centre. He himself is somehow also a kind of porous youth house and this spirit of irrepressible energy, of the sticky floor after the underground concert, smelly, stuffy backstage rooms, scribbled over with sharpie and covered with band stickers - all that is GRILLMASTER FLASH. He is the personified toast with the stadium cup, the eggy 80s rock record on the vintage record player in the living room of the small-town house and he is the wistful-sounding, standing chord that you love and can't get enough of. Where others try to create a tribute and homage to their favourite music and then unfortunately only end up with a half-empty persiflage rattling out of the amps, that's exactly where GRILLI has been tanking past everyone for years on a souped-up moped through cleverness and love and shows that emotions and conviction come before skills. It's obviously not just about his relationship to the music itself, but to the whole framework from producing to visual appearance, picking out the most important and wacky moments in the history of rock music over the last hundred years.

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Accidental Bird

Sometimes you just have to kick the door in with a steep thesis: ACCIDENTAL BIRD is perhaps the softest rock band in Germany.

What does that mean? After all, there are hardly any electric guitars, drum rolls and other rock standards in these songs. But still: the power of these pieces comes from a compositional and content-related condensation that you can only achieve if you've been through the whole "career in music" thing once and come to the conclusion at the end: Actually, it was about something completely different.

The head and voice behind ACCIDENTAL BIRD is songwriter Stefan Honig, who can already look back on an extensive discography and history as an artist with various projects. But that doesn't matter at all at first. Over heavy piano chords, raging horns and synthesizers, he sings huge melodies and lyrics that wonder about humanity. Which are not about always finding answers, but simply about the realisation: we can't understand everything, so why is everyone pretending?!

You could call this cinematic wide-screen indie. Or softcore for the apocalypse. Or (after The Notwist) finally a band you can put on your record shelf next to Frightened Rabbit or Pinegrove. Or just: Germany's softest rock band, singing in the most beautiful tones about the fact that it might already be too late.

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Joshua A. Hoffmann