In the area of the environment, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our environmental impact. Starting this season, we will gradually implement targeted measures and record them on this page.

Waste reduction

On board of our ships, we completely do without single-use plastic and plastic bottles. Instead, we offer Lemonaid brand beverages - from fair trade in sustainable glass bottles and with support for a good cause.

In the Flensburg offices, too, we pay attention to waste production and separate waste.

Recup und Rebowl.

Enjoy hot beverages and food to go - in sustainable reusable tableware

We are on board! On the "SyltExpress" and the "RömöExpress" we offer you from now on our hot drinks and our food to take away in reusable dishes. When you buy your food on board you only have to deposit 1 Euro for the RECUP cup and lid and 5 Euro for the REBOWL cup. The reusable dishes can then be returned throughout Germany or, of course, refilled. And this at more than 16,300 issue and return points of the sustainable cups and cans - including, of course, some contact points on Sylt.

So in short:

You buy a hot drink or food of your choice on one of our FRS Syltferries, which are handed out to you in a RECUP or REBOWL. For this you pay the deposit and can return the reusable dishes after consuming your food to us on board or to other participants or have them refilled.

Environmentally friendly drive

The LNG drive of the "RömöExpress" is particularly environmentally friendly, because a gas engine is used here instead of diesel. This is lower in emissions, because many pollutants such as CO2 and particulate matter can be saved and in some cases reduced by up to 100%. This makes LNG the cleanest fossil fuel.