What colour has vacation?

What colour has vacation?

Red of course!

Red ...

... like the love for the beach.

... like the Danish flag.

... like the shrimps from GOSCH.

... like our FRS Syltferries.


What do you discover in red on board our FRS Syltferries or on our two favourite islands Sylt and Rømø? Enjoy your holiday more consciously and pay attention not only to the big things, but also to the little things. At the same time, you get the chance to win another trip to Sylt or Rømø. Including vouchers for meals on board and our Travel Value Shop! 

Book your trip with FRS Syltfähre now to prepare your chance to win. We are giving away a day trip with a car including a 10 € voucher for the gastronomic offer on board and a 10 € voucher for our Travel Value Shop among all participants.

If you would like to win a free day trip with FRS Syltfähre as well as a € 10 voucher for the gastronomic offer on board and a € 10 voucher for the Travel Value Shop, then:

  1. Take a trip with FRS Syltfähre to Sylt or Rømø.
  2. Take a photo during the ferry trip or on your holiday that shows the colour red.
  3. Share the photo under the first Facebook post for this giveaway.
  4. Secure your chance to win the prize above.

Here you can find the conditions of participation as well as the data protection information for the competition.

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Become part of something red!

If you would like to become an active part of the campaign, we would be delighted to receive photo submissions by email to [email protected]*!

* By sending the mail, you agree that FRS Syltfähre GmbH & Co. KG may use your photo as part of the campaign "What colour has vacation?". Your photo may be published on Instagram, Facebook and the FRS Syltferry website with mention of your name. This authorisation (licence) is non-exclusive, unlimited in time, non-transferable and can be revoked at any time. Please note that the email does not constitute participation in the competition.

Example motifs:

  • RömöExpress Werfttagebuch Umbau
  • Thorsten Schier - stock.adobe.com
  • Pawel Kazmierczak - stock.adobe.com
  • Geoff Childs - stock.adobe.com Sportsegler beim Carsegeln.

A selection of the pictures submitted will be published here during the course of the contest.