Beach vacation on Sylt: Here you will find your favorite beach

Sylt's beaches are a dream. On more than 40 kilometers of the finest sandy beach, everyone will be happy 365 days a year: discovering nature, surfing or letting your soul dangle. Do you know which beach type you are? Then we will show you where to find your personal beach happiness on Sylt.

1 For beachcomber

Splashing and manking are among the favorite activities in your travel group? Then you're probably one of the many families taking Germany's northernmost beaches by storm. Sylt's family beaches are easily accessible with children, safe and clean. Both in case of hunger and other needs, a solution can be found quickly. For example, the east of Hörnum beach on the southern tip of Sylt is exceptionally family-friendly. Here, on the tidal flat side of the island, the water is wonderfully shallow and the current is low. Little beach mermaids and would-be pirates will not only find perfect bathing conditions there, but also plenty of adventure: during an exciting guided tour of the mudflats, colorful rubber boots wander through smacking mud and thick worms through curious hands. Those who still have energy after such an exciting adventure tour can get rid of it at the trampoline and beach volleyball facility directly on the beach. On the west coast near Wenningstedt-Baderup, big and small beachcombers whiz down a 26-meter-long slide straight into the sandy fun. Since the beach there is nice and long and wide, there's no sardine can feeling even in high season. Good to know: At numerous beach sections on Sylt, in addition to mom and dad, the full-time and volunteer lifeguards of the DLRG watch over the young and old bathers. Those who have party fun in mind will find what they are looking for at Fun Beach in Westerland. There is no room for boredom amid the hustle and bustle of the wide range of entertainment on offer. A special attraction is the music shell on the promenade. From classical to pop, you can listen to a wide variety of music events here or celebrate New Year's Eve - open air at the sea - into the New Year.  

Recommended beaches for beachcombers

  • Hörnumer Strandes
  • Wenningstedt-Baderup
  • Fun Beach in Westerland
  • (Musikmuschel)

2 For decelerators

You want to hear nothing but sea and seagulls on the beach? Even though Sylt is a vacation island with a lot of tourist hustle and bustle, it has retained its sandy oases of calm. So everyone who is looking for some seclusion and silence will find their personal favorite beach on the island. "Relaxed on the beach" is the motto at Südwäldchen in Westerland, for example. Who would like, can rent itself here already comfortably from at home a Strandkorb. The wind-protected day domicile with a view of sand and waves is one of 12,000 perfect retreats on the island. Braderuper Heide on the tidal flat side of Sylt is also one of the "quiet places" on the beach. Even during the high season in summer, when the delicate violet of the heath blossoms covers the landscape, not many vacationers stray to this stretch of beach. One strolls leisurely along the white cliff or picnics undisturbed on the natural beach. Germany's northernmost beach, at Lister Ellenbogen, is also a refuge of calm. Since the private owners of the peninsula charge a toll for motorized vehicles, you should opt for the bicycle or the footpath when you arrive. You will also not find bathing enthusiasts here. Because where the calm Wadden Sea meets the impetuous North Sea, life-threatening currents prohibit swimming. On sunny days, the view of Caribbean blue water and the finest powdery sand compensates. With a little luck, the Danish island of Rømø can be spotted on the horizon. But you can visit the Wadden Sea island not only with the views: The FRS Sylt ferry takes visitors from List to Havneby and back up to 32 times a day. During a day trip, quiet beach beauties can be explored there as well.

Recommended beaches for decelerators

  • Südwäldchen (Beach section 4.62)
  • Braderuper Heide
  • Lister Ellenbogen

3 For nature lovers

Dream beaches can be found on Sylt not only on the west coast. Beautiful stretches of beach on the east side of Sylt are a year-round paradise, especially for nature explorers. The impressive flora and fauna of the Sylt Wadden Sea there is even a UNESCO World Cultural  Site. Between Munkmarsch and Keitum, for example, visitors quickly become part of a daily changing scenery with fascinating natural spectacles: Especially in spring, you can hardly get enough of the bustling activity of the wading birds. Brent geese, oystercatchers or redshanks show up in large numbers. During guided walks you can explore the secrets of the mudflats, collect shells or stones and admire many things that crawl through and across the seabed. But also many beaches of the west coast inspire nature lovers. When, for example, the setting sun at Kampen beach causes the red cliff to glow in a strong orange, it is not only the hearts of nature romantics that beat faster. It's no wonder that artificial sand flushing is intended to preserve this unique piece of earth. On the beach in the Baakdeel nature reserve near Rantum, dog owners can enjoy the breathtaking nature together with their four-legged friends. Horse lovers are also welcome here. Together it goes then in the gallop over the dune-edged riding ways. Unforgettable. You love not only a lot of nature, but also little clothing? Friends of nudism are now spoiled for choice on Sylt. On almost every third section of the western beaches, you're allowed to let your clothes down these days. Particularly popular with FFK fans are the beach sections Samoa in Rantum, Buhne 16 in Kampen or Nordseeklinik.

Recommended beaches for nature lovers

  • Munkmarsch
  • Kampener Strand
  • Baakdeel (Beach section 5.11.1 und 5.12.1)
  • Samoa in Rantum (5.61)
  • Buhne 16
  • Nordseeklinik (Beach seaction 4.21)
Geoff Childs - Sportsegler beim Carsegeln.

4 For action heroes

For those who like to be on the move during their beach vacation on Sylt and prefer to stand on a surfboard rather than sit in a beach chair, the North Sea island shows its decidedly sporty side. Wind and waves are the decisive players in almost all popular water sports. Wave riders and wind or kite surfers with beginner level better start in the moderate climes of the Wadden Sea on the east side of the island. Newcomers in particular benefit from the wind-protected location on the beaches of Blidsel Bay between List and Kampen. Those who have passed the beginner level and want to prove themselves in the first good waves are in the right place at the beach crossing "Käpt'n Christiansen-Str." in Hörnum-Odde at the southern end of Sylt. Advanced wave artists, on the other hand, tend to cavort on the beaches on the west side with their challenging North Sea surf. At spots like Ellenbogen-Spitze, Kampen Sturmhaube or even at Brandenburger Strand they may prove their skills. Whether seeing and being seen on Westerland's promenade is also one of Sylt's beach sports remains to be seen. However, the Fun Beach Westerland a few meters further north promises much more fun. Everyone who loves beach volleyball, soccer or frisbee is in good hands there. Here, at the beach crossing from the Westerland campsite, there is a relaxed atmosphere accompanied by music. Younger and older fun sports enthusiasts meet here in spontaneous teams, beach rules ensure an uncomplicated atmosphere. Exhausted from the sport, a tasty fish sandwich in the beach chair helps best with the regeneration.

Recommended beaches for action heroes

  • Blidslbucht
  • Hörnum-Odde
  • Ellenbogen-Spitze
  • Kampen Sturmhaube
  • Brandenburger Strand
  • Fun Beach
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Our FRS Sylt ferries "RömöExpress" and "SyltExpress" shuttle up to 32 times daily between Havneby on Römö and List on Sylt. In summer, the last ferry departs for Römö at 9 pm. This way you can enjoy Sylt particularly long.
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Our ferries "RömöExpress" and "SyltExpress" run up to 32 times a day between Römö and Sylt. On board, you can expect a restaurant with delicious dishes as well as a selection of GOSCH products, shopping opportunities and open decks with beach chairs, lots of fresh air and a North Sea feeling.